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Construction accidents can happen for a variety of reasons. Sometimes they happen due to unexpected events or forces, sometimes they happen due to corners being cut when it comes to safety, and sometimes they happen due to peculiar events. Regardless of how your construction accident happened, if you’ve been hurt, you should talk to an experienced New York construction accident attorney about your situation because you may have a case for compensation.

A famous series of children’s book bears the title A Series of Unfortunate Events. The construction accident case involving a worker named Byung Choon was a set of facts that sounded much like this title. Byung Choon was assigned to a job doing asbestos removal at a state-owned building in Albany. At one point, while Byung Choon was performing his job, his supervisor and another worker attempted to move Byung Choon’s mobile scaffold with him still standing on it.

That process apparently worked until the men encountered a hose or electrical cord. At that point, the men tried to pick up the scaffold. That might have worked, but one of the scaffold’s wheels was missing a pin. The wheel with the missing pin fell off, which caused the scaffold to tip and Byung Choon to fall. The six-foot fall to the ground left the worker with injuries to his shoulder, neck, back, and wrist.

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