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Fighting on behalf of individuals injured in commercial truck accidents

On any given day throughout New York City, thousands of commercial trucks crowd city streets. From delivery trucks teaming with fresh produce and seafood to dump trucks hauling loads of rock and debris to and from construction work sites, the drivers of these commercials trucks are often preoccupied with accomplishing job-related duties and, consequently, distracted and in a hurry.

Weighing several thousand tons, commercial vehicles not only differ from small personal vehicles in their size and girth, but these vehicles also render their drivers with large and numerous blind spots and are difficult to maneuver down the city’s often narrow streets.

If involved in an accident with a car, pedestrian or bicyclist, a commercial vehicle and its driver almost always walk away unscathed. The same, however, cannot be said for the other parties involved and many suffer painful and debilitating injuries.

Injuries frequently suffered in accidents involving commercial trucks include broken bones and damage to one’s brain, neck, spinal cord, back and internal organs. Individuals who suffer these types of serious injuries must seek both immediate emergency and ongoing medical care as surgeries give way to months or years of rehabilitative treatments.

The personal and financial hardships experienced by individuals who are injured in traffic collisions are often significant and can adversely impact an individual’s life and those of his or her family members for years. In cases where a truck driver’s actions may have contributed to an accident, it’s wise to seek legal advice.

For New York City residents who are struggling to recover and regain a sense of control over their lives after a truck accident, the legal professionals at Newman, Anzalone & Newman, LLP can advocate on one’s behalf and fight to recover just compensation.

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