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Injuries suffered in bus accidents are often severe

For many students who are attending college and living on or near campus, the Thanksgiving holiday signals their first trip home as an official college student. After spending a long weekend with family and friends back home, college students around the country headed home this past Sunday. For 50 students who were heading back to their campuses aboard a Virginia charter bus, what was supposed to be an uneventful trip back to their collegiate lives quickly turned into a terrifying experience that they likely won’t soon forget.

According to the police report, upon attempting to navigate the curve of a highway ramp, the 58-year-old bus driver lost control of the large commercial vehicle which left the roadway and tipped onto its side. A total of 34 people were injured, one critically, and taken to nearby hospitals. Police report that speed was a factor in the crash and have charged thee 58-year-old driver with reckless driving.


While thankfully it appears as though all of the passengers aboard the charter bus escaped death, many will likely continue to struggle to recover from their injuries for weeks, months or even longer. Charter bus accidents like this one are often especially dangerous for passengers as these buses tend to travel along highways and freeways and are therefore traveling at higher speeds when a crash or collision occurs.

Additionally, charter buses are often transporting dozens of passengers along with their luggage and belongings. With no access to seat belts, the bodies of passengers who are involved in traffic accidents while aboard a bus can be tossed violently around the inside the bus’ cabin. As such, injuries to the head, neck, back and lower and upper extremities are common.

Residents in and around New York City who have suffered injuries while aboard a city or charter bus can often benefit from the advice and assistance of an attorney. An attorney will fight to recover compensation to help an individual account for financial losses related to medical expenses, lost wages and disabling injuries.

Source:, “More than 30 college students injured in bus accident,” Sarah Jorgensen, Nov. 30, 2015

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