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Raising awareness about risks of drunk driving in New York

Raising awareness and educating people about the severe risks associated with impaired driving can help save lives. DUI accidents frequently have devastating consequences, and every one of these crashes is absolutely preventable. With safety and prevention in mind, let’s consider some facts from Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

In terms of collisions, injuries, deaths and arrests, roughly one-third of the problem of drunk driving is due to repeat offenders, according to MADD. It is also estimated that between 50 and 75 percent of DUI offenders who have had their licenses taken away continue to drive. New York’s Leandra’s Law provides for the installation of ignition interlock devices after a DUI conviction, but more needs to be done to prevent first and subsequent offenses.

MADD reports that close to one out of every three fatal motor vehicle accidents involves a drunk driver — an estimate that is particularly telling when you consider these numbers:

  • Each year, Americans make about 233 billion car trips.
  • Out of every 2,000 of those trips, one involves a driver who is under the influence of alcohol.

In other words, a proportionally small amount of the population — drunk drivers — cause a proportionally huge amount of damage and loss. MADD reports that someone is hurt in a drunk driving accident every 90 seconds, and on average, someone is killed every 53 minutes in a DUI crash. 

After an injurious or fatal DUI accident, victims or their families have a right to seek justice in civil court in addition to criminal court. In a civil capacity, a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit can lead to compensation for damages, as well as hold the wrongdoer fully accountable.

For more on drunk driving accidents, please see our June post, “Drunk driving statistics bring problem into focus.”

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