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Train accident near Philadelphia leaves 2 dead, 37 injured

Throughout the New York City and northeastern United States, millions of people regularly travel via train. In fact, according to Amtrak’s website, ridership stats indicate that, annually, more than 10.1 million people board trains in New York City and travel along the company’s Northeast Corridor Service line. While the vast majority of the passengers who travel aboard these trains arrive safely and without incident at their destinations, last Sunday, passengers aboard Amtrak train 89 were involved in a serious accident that claimed the lives of two Amtrak workers.

According to The New York Times, the train was traveling from New York City to Savannah, Ga with 341 people aboard when it crashed into workers, along with heavy construction equipment, who were maintaining the tracks. Two Amtrak employees who were on the tracks when the accident occurred were killed and 37 passengers suffered injuries in the crash.

Investigators from the National Transportation Safety Board are attempting to determine why the workers were on the active track. Amtrak maintains that it has a rigorous “12-step procedure for construction work on rail lines,” and that workers are only allowed to conduct maintenance work on active lines when strict safety procedures are in place and never with heavy equipment.

For the passengers aboard the train, many described scenes of panic and chaos in the wake of the crash. Upon impact with the track equipment; windows smashed, debris flew through the air and many passengers were thrown from their seats. While thankfully none of the passengers were reported to suffer serious injuries, a passenger involved in the accident indicated that many appeared to suffer cuts and back pain.

Last May, an Amtrak train derailment near Philadelphia killed eight people and injured more than 200 and just last month an Amtrak derailment in Kansas resulted in the injuries of 30 passengers. For these passengers and their family members, the injuries and losses suffered can be significant and costly and it may be wise to contact an attorney to discuss taking legal action to recover damages.

Source: pix11, “Amtrak workers killed in crash may have made ‘colossal’ mistake,” April 4, 2016

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