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At Newman, Anzalone & Newman, our lawyers offer the superior personal injury representation that people need when their lives have been affected by a drunk driver. Since 1978, we have been offering the highest levels of legal advocacy and counsel to our clients. We are proud of reputation as one of New York's premier personal injury law firms, and we are dedicated to continuing to build that reputation through the quality of representation we provide to each new client.

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Drunk drivers take a massive toll in lives lost and people seriously injured every year. Hundreds are killed and many more are injured every year in New York by drunk drivers. The impact drunk drivers have on the lives of their victims cannot be overstated. From lost loved ones to serious injuries that can change a person's life forever, drunk drivers cause pain and suffering for others.

Holding drunk drivers responsible requires skilled representation from an attorney who understands how to build strong cases that create accountability and secure the maximum compensation.

Is A Bar Or Restaurant Responsible For Overserving The Drunk Driver Who Caused Your Accident?

If the drunk driver who caused your accident was irresponsibly served by a bar or restaurant, we can help you pursue compensation from that business as well as the drunk driver. Under our dram shop laws, establishments that serve alcohol have an obligation to take steps to ensure that they are serving alcohol responsibly. If they fail in that obligation and a drunk driver injures you or a loved one as a result, our Queens drunk driving accident lawyers can help hold them accountable.

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