Failure To Ensure Safety Measures

Work safety rules are there to prevent serious injury and death to employees. Unfortunately, some employers push their employees to work in environments with known dangers, sometimes without proper training or equipment.

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Safety Rules In The Workplace

In every workplace there are appropriate safety rules from the Occupational Health And Safety Administration (OSHA) or other organizations. Employers have a responsibility to ensure those rules are followed. Here are just a few examples:

  • Wearing hard hats at construction sites
  • Wearing steel-toes shoes to prevent foot crush injuries
  • Wearing goggles to prevent eye injuries
  • Wearing ear protection to protect hearing
  • Wearing breathing masks for dust or chemical exposure
  • Using cave-in protection for workers in trenches
  • Ensuring machines have proper safety guards
  • Installing safety nets under scaffolds
  • Ensuring workers at heights wear proper tethers
  • Installing proper barriers and signs

If you are injured because your employer's failure to ensure safety measures, OSHA violations, or lack of safety training, you may have legal options beyond workers' compensation.

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